Can didus

Detached house

An attractive background, halfway between pines and the Mediterranean Sea, where the winters are mild and the summers are warm, becomes the seed of this proposal. The project is situated in the municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu, on the Balearic Islands. It is comprised of a population only a few km from the centre of the city of Ibiza, leaning towards it, perched on gentle rolling hills. The plot has an approximate surface area of 3.190 m2, 1.444 m2 of which is dedicated to urban turf.

The new house springs up from the land, materialised by a series of connected bodies, in turn connected to the surroundings. This extrusion is host to intermediary spaces, entrances, shelters, openings and folds, all of which bring quality to the common term “interior-exterior”. From the observation and reflection of the landscape, from these desires to dilute the barriers between the constructed and the perceived, the gesture emerged, which step by step built the piece of architecture. The planned house pays homage to the scenery, respecting the essential values of traditional Ibizan architecture.

If we begin by interpreting the construction from its roots in the land, we see the basement floor, criss-crossed by bricks of natural stone, which create a freely fluid floor, yet also filled with sheltered spaces. The main function is principally assigned to parking, through use of a large airy space.  The other facilities are available to access around an atrium, which defines  four closed stone nuclei that contain the bathrooms, the stairwell and spaces for storage and installations.

Upon this stoned basement,  a volume is supported which runs from one extremity to the other, creating a ground level which opens up to the views. On this free and airy floor the public activity of the house is carried out; starting at the main entrance of the house, it is separated into two distinct zones. On one side, the overhanging space of the kitchen and dining room open up to the central atrium area and on the other, the living room and triple level space with a circular staircase that connects the lower and first floors.

Supported by the upper level, the first floor dominates the landscape, shielded by a large structural cover of white concrete. Here,  some spaces  are opened, and allow the entrance of fractioned light, which characterises the space. This level is dedicated to night-time use, organised in a linear fashion so that the principal rooms are all oriented towards the south and the main views. They are separated by the bathroom facilities which cut through them via a corridor attached to the visible northern concrete wall.

This pure, structural geometry is home to the spaces, using luminous and warm materials and lending a hand to the teachings of popular architecture, which have contributed so much to the habitability of the spaces. The volumes of local stone of unaltered geometry form the foundation, the sensual staircaise, and a large structural cover of white concrete, serve as a reminder of the common stone walls of rural Ibizan areas, the traditional whitewashing of the typical country houses, and its construction honesty. Thus, the visible white concrete and the stone of the area are predominant that offer golden tones and a gentle texture, generate desirable, pleasant living spaces: shelters inside the house in which to dwell and a robust, round volume outside.

The objective is established from the very moment each proposal comes up: to build unique houses that respond to each of the chosen sites, providing the most appropriate solutions to the needs of the client and the environment, thus aiming to achieve a perfect, final product.
The house is organised in order to enjoy the orientation of each space. Photo © Milena Villalba, 2020
The regular shape of the plot allows it to be used in the interest of the views and the best adaptability to the terrain. Photo © Milena Villalba, 2020
This pure, structural geometry is home to the spaces which host the specific interior programme. Photo © Milena Villalba, 2020
The basement floor, criss-crossed by bricks of natural stone, creates a freely fluid floor, yet also filled with sheltered spaces. Photo © Milena Villalba, 2020
The triple level space with the circular staircase connects the lower and first floors. Photo © Milena Villalba, 2020
The dwelling has made use of the volumes and parameters to ensure these visual requirements. Photo © Milena Villalba, 2019
Therefore, special attention has been paid to every detail, designing each plot carefully and studying how the implementation of each dwelling can maintain a dialogue with its physical and cultural environment, using all what is available in the site where it is located.
Living in a privileged environment, in a unique setting on the Mediterranean Sea: the island of Ibiza... This is possible in this comfortable and functional living space which, in exclusive surroundings materialises a timeless piece of architecture with striking lines.