nomarq is an architecture studio that was born in rural Alicante in 2011. From its base in the town of Orba, our multidisciplinary team carries out projects of different types, with a special link to domestic architecture. Although intervening mainly in the Valencian territory, origin and seed of the studio, nomarq develops architecture projects at a national level (peninsular and insular), as well as internationally.

nomarq is based on a very firm vision of architecture. We propose a territorial architecture, in which the presence of our constructions sets the scene for the place where they are constructed: buildings which are strongly rooted in the ground, which show themselves as a natural part of their surroundings. As Peter Zumthor says in his book Thinking Architecture: “All of my passion is awakened by being able to plan buildings which, with the passing of time, remain fused in this natural way with the form and the history of the place where they are located”.

Our reflections are constructed around the dialogue which is established between the territory, its qualities and human potential, with the aim of finding the most intimate relationship between the place and the individual. For this reason, we believe in the value of good architecture, unique and personalised, with an enhanced knowledge, respect for the discipline and with an unconditional passion for the locus. We are committed to the creation of spaces in which emotion and life, intertwined with the material world gain meaning.

Our objective is not architecture alone, but rather we go a step further. It is to provoke an emotional response by communicating values which transcend aesthetics and functionality. We propose the creation of a pure architecture of clear and surprising spaces which do not allow for indifference, where the smallest detail has meaning and in which a continuity with the surroundings is established. A frank and generous environment, a gift which offers itself to be enhanced and shares its virtues willingly. For this reason, in our pursuit, we reject banal, impersonal architecture, estranged from its context, which imposes itself on the landscape and does not fit in. What we explore is the adhesion to the location through architecture which is capable of gathering together contemporaneity and current ways of living.

We believe that to achieve an expertly crafted architecture, well done and well felt, quality must bring together two aspects: on one hand, a deep knowledge of the technical, on the other (and highly practical), the question of habitability. In this search, the essence of the architecture of yesteryear of whom built their houses with great attunement to the necessities of the inhabitants, must always remain present. And each architecture is contingent upon its time, which implies transformation.

Through this intense relationship with the site, we understand that our work must convey emotion, as an essential and immaterial element of architecture, and so be understood in very diverse contexts and attached to our being.

“Planning is an exceedingly intellectual exercise; far from consisting of the simple provision of a service, it’s a creative action which engenders its own problems, focused less on the elaboration of the form than the formalisation of the programme”

Mendes Da Rocha
Francisco José Piera SendraArchitect
Ivan Riera CerveraArchitect
Ramon Riera CerveraArchitect
Ramon Riera CerveraArchitect
Francisco José Piera SendraArchitect
Juan José Martínez DelgadoStrategy
Ivan Riera CerveraArchitect
Tamara Portolés RuppelArchitect
Miguel Pérez RamirezArchitect
Francisco Esbrí RamosArchitect
Carlos Varó VidalArchitect
Sara Albuixech FornesArchitect
Belén Jordá SeguíArchitect
Mireia Martínez LledóArchitect
Kirill RusalovArchitect
Alejandro Moreno RuizArchitect
Yolanda Algarra ConejeroArchitect
Vicent Pastor FurióEngineer
Estructuras SingularesStructure Engineer
Pablo Escrivá MoscardoEngineer
Carlos Sendra OrtoláEngineer
Mari Cruz Rodrígez MoroteArchitect
Laia Font BotellaEngineer
Vicent Miragall GarcíaEngineer
Adrián Femienia FernandezEngineer
Ángel Tormo MartíArchitect
Ana Asensio RodriguezArchitect
Carolina Fernanda Urruty BlayaArchitect